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Ranches and Spas for a Wholesome Getaway


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Tecate has positioned itself as a favorite destination of well-being seekers, thanks to its offering of ranches and spas aimed at satisfying just that need. 

Its mountainous landscapes, climate and peaceful atmosphere make Tecate the ideal place for a wholesome getaway aimed at healing and restoring the body, mind and spirit.

We invite you on a tour of the ranches and spas in the Tecate area that are attracting travelers looking for peace, pleasure and health.

The Best Spa in the World?

Rancho La Puerta has been awarded first place on the Travel + Leisure list of the world’s top spas. So, what makes it so special?

The place is spread over nearly 4,000 acres and therefore has more than 37 miles of trails to explore within the silence of nature, solely in the company of flowers and mountains.

But nature is not the only therapy available here. In fact, the treatment menu is so extensive that you can spend your entire vacation sampling different options and still not have tried them all when it’s time to leave.

Holistic therapies include massages, craniosacral, reiki, acupuncture and WATSU, which is a kind of aquatic massage.

And speaking of massages, the spa at Rancho La Puerta offers more varieties of them than you may even have known existed. Shiatsu, hot stone, maternity and athlete recuperation are just a few of the more attention-getting massages.

Guests may also enjoy cacao and rosemary oil therapies for the skin, in addition to ancestral energy balance using sacred geometry and herbs. Facials, wraps, reflexology and beauty salon round out the menu.

Collective meditation, group yoga and cooking classes are also held on the property, the latter in its very own school, called La Cocina que Canta (The Singing Kitchen.)

A Rural Experience
at Rancho Ojai

Rancho Ojai seems straight out of a cowboy story. The 30 cabins, each with its table and grill, are hidden amidst trees.

This place is perfect for anyone who wants a few days away from everything and a family getaway in the woods. 

The common areas offer facilities such as a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, billiards, mini golf, an aviary and grocery stores. Families move around the complex on foot or by bicycle.

The little ones will love spending some time on the farm and in the corrals at the ranch, where they can interact with farm animals such as goats, sheep, horses and donkeys.

A feeling of community permeates the place, perhaps due to the short distance between cabins or socializing in the common areas. If you are looking for a family experience of well-being, this place has it all.

Spa, Nature and Comfort
at Rancho Los Chabacanos

If you’ve ever yearned for a weekend adventure in a cabin by a lake, Rancho Los Chabacanos is the answer to your dream.

Breathing the cleanest air, following paths amidst huge trees and paddling a kayak leisurely on the lake: everything’s possible here.

When nature is complemented by just the right care and treatments, the experience of well-being is unequaled. That is why this ranch is further equipped with a spa that offers Swedish massages and mud therapy to restore body and soul. Guests can also experience the ancient indigenous steam bath or temazcal, a therapeutic ritual for physical and emotional healing.

After a day of contemplation and pleasure, one of the 17 little houses in the complex awaits you. They all have a fireplace, living room, kitchen and all the comforts for the most peaceful stay.

Total Reconstruction
with Ritual Spa

A total reconstruction experience awaits tired travelers at Ritual Spa, a place that takes care of every part of your being.

▣  This property has a full catalog of services, among which are different kinds of massages, facials, wraps and hair removal.

 Try a Ritual del Sol (Sun Ritual) to relieve muscle cramps, a Sanación Craneosacral (Craniosacral Healing) to release stress-induced tension or a Ceremonia de Ventosas (Suction Pad Ceremony) to accelerate muscular revitalization.

Also try the chocolaterapia, a cacao-based treatment to energize, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. On the other hand, you might prefer a wine therapy session that takes advantage of the antioxidant properties of wine to nourish your skin.

Other Ranches with Spas in Tecate

Another very worthwhile place to visit is Hacienda Santa Verónica. Far removed from civilization, it has a traditional temazcal steam bath, sports facilities and horseback riding.

Rancho Joe Bill and Albercas Tanamá are complexes with such amenities as pools, wading pools, and various kinds of slides, as well as other areas for the little ones to have fun. Cañada del Sol also has a farm, four wheelers, horseback riding and a campground.

Besides a pool and spa, Hacienda Santa Dominga has an exhibit of antiques from the region and a handicraft gallery.

Rancho Ciénega Redonda is a place you’ve probably dreamed of, with trails lined with willows, poplars and oaks and a beautiful lake. Colorful floral vistas greet you in springtime, whereas winter offers a spectacular snowy landscape.

Tecate is so much more than simply a charming Magical Town, as it is surrounded by ranches and spas where guests can not only have an encounter with nature but also with themselves.

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