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Tecate, the Northern Gateway to the Wine Route

A tour of flavors, aromas and colors with experiences to delight each of the senses

Por: saide Swipe

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Tecate is one of the most famous Magical Towns in Baja California, a border town that takes visitors through history, tradition, nature and rural landscapes.

Famous for its iconic Tecate beer, it is one of the most frequently visited places in the state and among those offering the most culinary experiences, situated as it is at the beginning of the Puerta Norte (Northern Gateway) to the acclaimed Wine Route.

It is definitely among the top experiences to be had in northwestern Mexico, and whether you are a wine connoisseur or just love new taste adventures, you can’t pass up the charms of this destination.

The state of Baja California boasts seven wine-producing valleys: Tanamá, La Grulla, San Vicente, Ojos Negros, Santo Tomás, Valle de San Jacinto and Valle de Guadalupe.

Tanamá, in Tecate, is the first on the route of these emblematic Baja valleys. For culinary tourists, it is an experience that will move your very soul.

And you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur for the flavors found in these valleys to cast a spell on your senses. Besides the aromas and tastes you will encounter, Baja California will treat you to vistas so stunning they will take your breath away.

Don’t hesitate; come and see the vineyards that have put Baja California in the spotlight, both domestically and internationally, and attract visitors from all over the world.

Discover the charm of Baja California’s valleys!

Valle de Tanamá,
The Port of Entry to a
Trail of Flavors 

The Puerta Norte starts at Valle de Tanamá and has truly enthralling spots.The Puerta Norte starts at Valle de Tanamá and has truly enthralling spots.

This flavor-filled trip starts in the Valle de Tanamá, a valley that offers a range of interesting places, restaurants and wineries for every taste and is clearly a place for indulging both body and soul.

It is, for instance, the home of  Vinícola Encino de Piedra, a winery that not only offers delicious wines made with grapes from Rancho Tecate, but has lakes, green areas and lovely paths to enjoy and from which to take beautiful pictures.

One of the treats awaiting here is its underground wine cellar, where you can taste the extensive variety of wines the Puerta Norte has to offer. You can also enjoy the restaurant Puerta Norte, with its excellent menu of grilled country-style signature cuisine, perfect for sampling wines produced from Encino de Piedra harvests.

Also on the grounds of Rancho Tecate is another small vineyard, named Catagnia, whose products are the result of the efforts and creativity of the Cataño Cárdenas family. Here, you will find and can taste 100% locally-made, handcrafted pinot noir, malbec and nebbiolo wines.

Another local production found in this valley is Bichi Wines. The work of brothers Noel and Jair Téllez, these wines are full of life, energy and a fresh outlook. On their 24 acres of vineyards, they work with organic growers to produce the grapes that are used to make their delicious wines.

Here, you can taste rosa del Perú, tempranillo, cariñena and other varieties. It is important to know that their grapes are hand picked, fermented with native yeast and barrel aged. Obviously, a visit to this family business is a must.

Keep Exploring the Magic
of the Baja California Valleys

Discover more family projects that promise quality wine-tasting experiences 

For those interested in delving deeper into the Baja California wine experience, we suggest taking the route further, toward Mexicali, until you get to the Valle de San Valentín. There, you will find such wineries as Casa Vinícola Veramendi, which we highly recommend.

Once called Rancho La Ciénega, the first grape shoots were planted here in 2010, which led to a great harvest and prosperity. Now, 13 years later, there are fields with several different grapes for wine: tempranillo, merlot, syrah, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and malbec.

Since we consider this one of the loveliest wineries in the zone, we hope you spend a day here; besides enjoying luscious wines, you will also want to drink in the sweeping views of the valley.

To wrap up your flavor-filled tour, you might like to stop at Viñas San Valentín. This country home-cum-family project has nearly 12.5 acres of chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, tempranillo, misión and rosa del Perú.

Be sure not to leave without enjoying one of their wines in the restaurant Terraza de San Valentín, as you revel in the spectacular view.

TIP: We recommend planning your trip in advance, since reservations are required to visit these places.

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