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Tour of the Iconic Cervecería Tecate

A glimpse of the black eagle against the red background is all Mexicans (and more than a few foreigners, too) need, to know what beer we’re talking about. 


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From an Old
Oil Factory
to the Plant That Produces Mexico’s
Number One Beer

Nearly 80 years ago an entrepreneur from Baja California, Alberto Aldrete, decided to turn an old vegetable oil factory into a brewery.

For 10 years, Tecate beer operated as a regional brand, until Grupo Cervecero Cuauhtémoc bought it out in 1954, planning to market it nationwide.

The company strategy made the Tecate brand omnipresent throughout the country and beyond. Even after Heineken’s acquisition of Grupo Cuauhtémoc, Tecate remained one of the beer conglomerate’s key brands.

A 100% Mexican Beer
Named After
a Magical Town

Made with malt by the same name, Tecate is a pilsner, known as a fresh, golden and relatively light beer.

In Mexico, Tecate beer has been a pioneer in terms of production, marketing and manufacturing. To cite one example, it was the first beer sold in cans anywhere in the country. 

The brand is inevitably linked to the Magical Town where it began, since the abundant water in the local aquifer made production possible.

In the Mexican collective imagination, the word Tecate is forever associated with the legendary brand of beer that is part of the culture and memories of families all over the country.

A Tour Through
the Magic of Beer

A historic landmark, the original factory is scheduled to reopen for guided tours in 2024.

On these tours, visitors get to visit a beer museum, as well as observe the process of producing this popular, refreshing drink.

 During the approximately 45-minute tour, guides will explain each phase of the production process and answer questions.

At the end, you’ll get to spend time in a bar and enjoy a delicious, foamy ice-cold beer.

Plus, there will be a gift shop where you can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, cups, key chains and, of course, mugs with the Tecate brand emblem and motifs.

It is hardly possible to visit the Magical Town of Tecate and not take the tour of the beer factory that shares its name.

With just 50 years between the founding of the town and that of the brewery, the two are intertwined by a name that brings to mind tranquility, pleasure and especially beer.

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